McMillen Creative


We have created a proven process that is adaptable to any branding challenge. Our five-step process begins with a thorough analysis of your market position. Then, we uncover your business challenges, target opportunities, and build carefully tailored strategies to ignite business growth.

1. Discovery & Analysis

• Reviews your organization's business strategy, vision and purpose.
• Conducts internal and external audience research to gain new insights that can drive your brand.
• Researches your competitive landscape.
• Identifies and prioritizes your target audience and market challenges.

2. Goals & Objectives

• Identifies your business objectives.
• Determines benchmarks to measure progress over time.
• Sets SMART marketing goals.

3. Brand Position

• Your brand position defines what you stand for and your unique points of differentiation Provides a long-term aspirational direction.
• Provides an internal employee rallying cry.
• Provides a source of inspiration for innovation and growth.

4. Brand Development

• Defines brand expression both internally and externally.
• Unifies clients' experiences across all touch points.
• Describes desired perceptions and outcomes.
• Develops key messages.
• Creates a brand experience that drives client loyalty.

5. Execution & Action Plan

• Creates specific plans and strategies to implement brand change and enhance perceptions.
• Integrates the brand experience into all touch points.
• Executes against the plan within timelines and within budget.
• Optimizes success through ongoing evaluation and insights.

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